Sven's Fahrschule Schwandorf


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We only train on new, modernly equipped vehicles such as VW and Mercedes. We will guide you in a friendly and competent manner on the shortest and most favorable way to the driving license of class M, S, L, T, A, A1, B, BE, C, CE.

The financially most favorable education is still the successful training with immediately passed theory examination and driving practice examination. Our test results can be seen! Get in touch with us.

But the more important is still money saved money is the driving, which we mediate with the plus push method. You will learn safe and defensive driving. Responsible and cooperative behavior in road traffic is a matter of flesh and blood. In this way, you will be able to acquire the prerequisites for decades of accident-free driving.

In our driving school gets

Each driver has an ADAC driving safety training and

1 year membership in ADAC with no additional costs.

By car, safe and responsible without alcohol and drugs on the road!

We provide you this and much more.

Because good training does not have to be expensive!

Visit us and get to know us.